Botox Treatment

One of the most popular treatments requested worldwide. Botox is a safe, non-invasive method for addressing fine and deep lines of the face.

Techniques can be modified on an individual basis to achieve remarkable yet natural results.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a material that has been known for over a century and used for medical purposes for more than 50 years. In 2002, it was approved for improving and relaxing frown lines in the area (the glabella) between the eyes on the forehead. Then It has been used on 11 million patients since that time, based on data supplied by the Allergan Corporation.

Forehead Wrinkles

Common problem area which frequently gets worse with age. Early targeting can give more naturally youthful appearance. In deep set wrinkles, several treatments may be required to reduce appearance

Frown Lines

Key problem area in all age groups. Occur due to excessive squinting or frowning. Botox can help reduce the appearance of pesky lines, and prevent future wrinkles.

Crow's Feet

Very noticeable area of wrinkling in all age groups. Regularly develops early in life. Many times can be successfully treated and prevented through appropriate management.

Additional Benefits

May Reduce Migraines

Botox has been shown in several papers, if used correctly, to reduce and even treat migraines. Ask more about this in your consultation.

Prevents Future Wrinkles

When treatment is started early, muscle relaxation can result in fewer wrinkles developing with age. This can also allow a more naturally youthful appearance.

Decreases Excessive Sweating

Botox can be injected into the skin to reduce symptoms of severe underarm sweating. This is especially useful when topical treatments do not work.

Frequently asked questions

What areas can be treated?

The main target for treatment is the upper face:

  • Frown lines
  • Horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • Crow's feet - lines on the side of your eyes
  • Bunny lines - across the nose bridge

Other areas:

  • Vertical lines around the mouth
  • Excess underarm sweating

How long does it last?

Once you’ve been treated, the solution takes 1 to 3 weeks to reach maximum effect and starts to reduce wrinkles. The effect lasts between 3 to 6 months but with repeated treatments it lasts longer and the effects are more pronounced.

Depending on the depth of the wrinkles, lifestyle, age and skincare, the smoothing effects are further improved. We can tailor a personalised skin regiment to aim for lifelong management, as all faces are different and unique.

What happens at the first consultation?

At your initial consultation you will be seen by a surgeon who has years of skin care experience.

We will identify areas that concern you and tailor a lifestyle program in a friendly atmosphere around you. You should only proceed with the treatment that you feel is right for you.

What happens after?

All clients go back to their normal life, the day after treatment. Some activities need to be avoided for a few hours, like lying flat and bending forward. Other activities should be avoided for a day or two like hot showers and exercise.

Are there any side effects?

Following the treatment their may be some redness, swelling and bruising. This varies significantly between patients. This is normal for any injection and is temporary. Very uncommon side effects include eyebrow and eyelid droop.

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